• Why do people need the metaverse 






      All the market research starting in 2021 is asking, what exactly are people's needs for the metaverse? In my opinion, sometimes we are so busy trying to get the final answer and ignore whether we asked the right question in the first place, I think we are exploring Before determining the market demand of the Metaverse, two important factors must be identified, namely user desire and market demand.



      What are user desires are the most basic motivations of users. These motivations may be simple predictions, such as pursuit of convenience, increased compensation and profit, relief from trouble, reduction of certain anxiety, feeling of being trusted by the community, of course! With technology Evolution, the patterns of user desires of users will continue to change.


      For example! Humans have always had the dream of realizing driverless cars, but this desire cannot be realized in the era of 1G to 4G, and it is only a movie plot at most, so doing things other than driving in a car is not listed as a possible A list of fulfillment, but this desire has always existed.



      Finally, the Metaverse is coming! We found that the demand that most people expected but could not find the conditions to achieve is possible, so all the officials and industries began to use (5G+AI+AR) to create products that meet this demand. environment. So where does the market demand of the Metaverse come from? I think it will come from the user desire that is forced to occur due to technological constraints, and what we have to do is to find the future market demand in this user desire.



      Is it really that easy? Then why didn't the market demand show up when it worked before? To answer this question, I want to start with what Einstein said "(If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough) If you can't simply present it, it means you don't understand it well enough" to explain.



      Sometimes there is a deep and mysterious arrangement behind the development of science and technology, that is to say, from the initial 0 and 1, the development of human science and technology has continuously presented a phase transition tie, and before a certain form is completed, There will be corresponding micro-links of ideas and technology agreements, allowing people to move from a state of unconsciousness about the application of technology to a consensus that everyone will eagerly use it.



      Just like the Matthew effect, if there is, give him more, and let him have more; if there is none, take away even what is left. It can be applied to the development of the next metaverse. When we really find out how the metaverse can satisfy the desires of users (consumers), all social capital and available resources will be strongly linked actively.



      The vision brought by the Metaverse is so enticing, and unlike the development agreements of the past, which are always governed by the rules set by a few industries, the connection of the Metaverse can be understood by anyone who knows a thing or two about how it works. From this, we can gain insight into the huge market demand that many telecommunications companies or industrial organizations cannot see. This seems to be a fantasy in the past, but it actually exists in the world of the Metaverse.



      Technology is advancing so fast for all of us that many are not used to stepping out of their own mental barriers and neglecting to explore the progress of a customer or adversary in the metaverse. Entrepreneurs, ordinary people, economists, engineers, housewives, students or participants in any field have the opportunity to find the answer to the metaverse, and enthusiastically piece together their own metaverse through their own perspective, even if Each piece of the puzzle may not be the final key to decryption, but I believe that during the operation of the Metaverse, everyone will work together to continuously connect the Metaverse to each other. Such a combination across various fields will eventually be able to outline the Metaverse. final form.